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What can i do here?
This FREE service is very usefull when you have to put a file on the web for someone else to download, for example: a forum, for private use, classified ads, online bids, to save space on email attachments or just to share documents and pictures with your friends.

Is it free?
YES - no hidden costs. You will be able to choose payed services that include more advantages, but the initial services are completely free of any kind of charge.

Do I have to register?
NO, just upload and retrieve files, as simple as that.

Am I safe, will I get SPAM?
Your email is NOT required, so no SPAM and crap like that.

How secure are my files?
Your files will be kept in encrypted form so not even we can know what the hell you are storing on ower servers. Unless you protect them with a security key, anyone will be able to download your files if he knows the URL (web address). If you wish to keep your files completely secure, you just have to choose a security key that will be required before downloading that file. Only those who know that private security key will be able to download the file.

What about my privacy?
You wont be required to enter private information unless you desire, so you can be sure you are completely safe and anonymous if you want that.

NOTHING! , except your file of course. Not even registration is required, you will be able to share files in just 1 minute, without providing personal information such as email, name, passwords, etc, or spending precious time on filling up surveys and stuff.

How many files can I upload?
As many as you wish, you will pe provided with a link to each file.

Are there any restrictions?
Yes there are. Restrictions include file type, file size, validity period, and maybe more. Please check the upload page for new options periodicaly as we are constantly developing this website and adding new features and removing old restrictions.

How long will my files stay online?
Every file is automaticaly deleted after a its validity period expires. You are able to choose a validity period for your file when you upload it. A top limit for this validity exists anyway, after that the file is deleted, so please DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE TO STORE CRITICAL DATA OR BACKUPS. Deleted files are not restorable.

Will I be able to browse through my files?
NO, at least not for the moment, as we do not require registration and we are not able to sort files by user. After you upload each file you will be provided with a direct link to that file so you can access it, and thats all, no filebrowser. In the future we will implement more advanced facilities but they will require some form of user identification such as username/password, or email.

What is an "Authorization no." and what for is it required?
Authorizations are granted to user that submit their personal details in order to sign the files they are uploading. Because this is a free no registration based service, anyone can upload files under your signature and there is no way to determine if the person that uploads the file is the person actualy signing it. Authorizations require a private security number that only the owner knows so any file signed with an authorization is sure to be uploaded by the person in the authorization profile. Anyway, we are unable to verify user personal information such as phone number or company so the only thing that we know for sure it belongs to the user granted an authorization is his email address, the other information is to be recongnized by the interested visitors and trusted if they know who you are.

Authorizations also grant special rights such as additional storage space and extended file validity, but this applies only to higher authorizations such as Level 2 and 3, but not the free Authorization type (Level 1). If you want a special authorization please contact us. Additional information on extra services can be found on "extra services" page in the upper menu. New Features will be available soon for authorised users, so if you have a authorization number please use it tu sign your files.

Why is it free?
We intend to cover our costs from advertising. Also DONATIONS are greatly appreciated, and will ensure to keep this website alive and free.


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